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Hi Sophie! I am a cat, and I want to get a portrait commissioned for my human.

That’s great! I do commissions and they make me happy.

Great. How much catnip is this gonna set me back?

The base rate for a commission is $60 per small piece (think 4.5 x 6 ish). This pays for the materials (I use high quality Arches paper and handmade non-fugitive pigment watercolors) and the time (a small watercolor usually takes me around two and a half hours to complete). Larger takes longer, and I’d love to be paid about $30 per hour. Generally, something 9 x 12 would cost $85 to $150, depending on the complexity of the work.

HOWEVER. You might be in a financially tight position right now, and I have totally been there, and I still want to do a commission for you. If you were hoping to pay less, don’t feel scared about telling me. I will not hate you or resent you; name a price, and if it seems un-doable (so far, nothing has seemed un-doable) I’ll let you know.

I’m also open to barter and trade. If you think of something you’d like to trade for a commission, let’s make a deal!

I want to make you feel comfortable and happy throughout this process. Money is a weird subject, and capitalism is a flawed system. I like to paint and I would love to paint something that would make you happy.

Meow! That sounds great! Now what!

Here’s a form to fill out! Or, if you hate forms, my email address is sophielucidojohnson at gmail dot com — feel free to reach out that way.

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