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Below, I’ve included a few indicative samples of traditional reporting, first person reporting (or reporting that sometimes breaks the rules about what reporting is supposed to be), and Lesson Plans. There are more of most of these resources on this home page — simply click the side menu button that says “middle” and navigate from there.

For further consideration, here is a recent article I wrote about teaching journalism in 2019. Many of the values listed in this post, I believe, align directly with the work of the News Literacy Project.

Drawing by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

Drawing by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

Traditional Reporting

“The Cultural Complexities of a Symbol Raise Questions About Equal Treatment on Campus.” F Newsmagazine, March 29, 2017.

SUMMARY: After an Art Institute student put up a Korean Buddhist symbol that resembled a Nazi swastika, the school’s administration urged him to remove it. He wondered if non-Asian cultural groups would have been treated the same way.

“9 Big Takeaways From Report On Racism And Misconduct In Chicago's Police Department.” The Chicagoist, April 14, 2016.

SUMMARY: A Police Accountability Task Force released a dense, 183-page document detailing problems within the Chicago Police Department. This article analyzes the most important messages from the report.

“Standing Ground at Standing Rock.” F Newsmagazine, January 12, 2017.

SUMMARY: Chicago citizens ferried supplies to activists in Standing Rock during the bitterly cold winter. They took the opportunity to practice photography and mapping.

“The Gospel According to Aurora Nealand.” Antigravity Magazine, December, 2015.

SUMMARY: A New Orleans jazz musician draws from personal tragedy for her particular brand of contemporary music.

Drawing by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

Drawing by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

First Person Reporting

“Love Is Like A Sourdough Starter.” Bon Appetit, February, 2018.

SUMMARY: I talked to several prominent sourdough bread enthusiasts, and chronicled the history of sourdough throughout time.

“The Crying Chronicles.” SpriralBound, January, 2018.

SUMMARY: A fully illustrated history — including first-person interviews — on crying as a human behavior.

“Do All Women Have Eating Disorders?” Dame Magazine, February, 2017.

SUMMARY: I interviewed 20 women extensively about their undiagnosed eating disorders, and then wrote and illustrated a story about reasons why we might not always talk about our relationships with food.

“A More Perfect Love.” Catapult, February, 2016.

SUMMARY: The history of romantic friendships, intertwined with my own story of loving a friend more deeply than is societally acceptable.

Photo of Sophie Lucido Johnson teaching middle school in New Orleans, courtesy of KidSmart.

Photo of Sophie Lucido Johnson teaching middle school in New Orleans, courtesy of KidSmart.

Lesson Plans / Unit

I have included below two lessons from a unit I designed about journalism in conjunction with digital media. I have also included the Common Core standards. It is from one of five units that I continue develop for a journalism course I teach at the Chicago High School for the Arts. The other four units are: “The Elements of Journalism”; “Publishing Logistics”; “Telling the Story”; and “Chicago, Neighborhoods, and Hyperlocalism.” I am happy to share any of these with the hiring committee on request.

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