Here ARE SOME SOME THINGS I'VE PUBLISHED from most recent to less recent:

Key: {C} = Comics; {CNF} = CREATIVE NONFIction; {H} = Humor;  {J}=Journalism; {i} = illustrated; {r} = review; {O} = Other

- The New York Times: “Telling My Fiancé About My New Girlfriend” {CNF}

- The Believer: “Avian Behavior” {C}

- Bon Appetit: “How Many Cashews Does It Take To Cure My Anxiety” {I}{J}{CNF}

- Bon Appetit: "Love Is Like A Sourdough Starter: It Can Last Forever Or Get Super Smelly And Weird" {I}{J}{CNF}

- The New Yorker: "Culturally Relevant Valentines" {H}{C}

- Bon Appetit: "Here's to Hubigs: The New Orleans Bakery That Might Never Return" {I}{J}{CNF}

- SpiralBound: "The Crying Chronicles" {C}{J}

- The New Yorker: "Horrible Phone Calls I Assume I'd Have To Make If It Weren't For The Internet" {H}{C}

- Jezebel: "Books With Grill In The Title" {H}{I}

- Illinois Audubon Magazine: "Kankakee River Basin" {J}

- Lincoln Center Theatre Review: "God As Loving Many All At Once" {J}

- Dame Magazine: "Do All Women Have Eating Disorders?" {I} {CNF}

- Redbook: "3 Ways to Have a Three-way" {I}

- O Magazine: "Good On Paper" {CNF}

- Crain's Chicago: "Wear Long Shorts and Other Rules for Women at the #RNCinCLE" {H}

- Catapult: "A More Perfect Love" {I}{CNF}

- Guernica: "What A Panic Attack Looks Like: An Illustrated Inquiry" {I}{CNF}

- Jezebel: "Skinny Scarves and Peasant Tops: The Gilmore Girls Wore Truly God-Awful Clothes" {H}{I}

- The Guardian: "Why Women Bake: The Healing Power of a Quiet Sisterhood" {CNF} {I}

- The Guardian: "How do you know you've really become an adult? An illustrated essay." {CNF} {H} {I}

- VICE: "How Art Therapy Helps My Students Deal With Their PTSD." {J}{CNF}{I}

- Jezebel: "10 Years After Katrina: An Illustrated Unhappy Ending." {I}{J}

- Jezebel: "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Tell Rape Jokes." {CNF} {C}

- Defenestration Magazine: "I've Been Trying To Stop Apologizing So Much." {H}

- Neutrons Protons: "The Opposite of Dancing." {CNF} {I}

- "Love, Write, Light." {CNF} 

- Jezebel: "Mom, I Have Two Boyfriends: How I Discovered I Was Polyamorous at 27." {CNF} {I}

- Neutrons Protons: "OMV." March 1, 2015. {C}

- Jezebel: "What I Learned When I Tried to Draw Myself Naked." February 10, 2015. {CNF} {I} {J}

- Hippocampus Magazine: "Variations on Prayer." November 1, 2014. {CNF}

- Trop Mag: "You Are Invited To My Son Elijah's Fifth Anniversary of Life on Earth." October 10, 2014. {H}

- Teaching Artists' Journal: "All for One and One for All." October 10, 2014. {CNF}

- Nola Vie: "Comic Drama." September 25, 2014. {CNF} {J}

 - The Hairpin: "A Smart Girl's Guide to Responding to Pop Stars." July 21, 2014. {I} {H}

- The Hairpin: "Boy Meets World: The Lost Episodes." July 10, 2014. {I} {H}

- The Hairpin: "Children's Books for Young Feminists." July 4, 2014. {I} {H}

- Trop Mag: "Culturally Responsible Yoga." July 2, 2014. {H}

- Trop Mag: "I Want To Teach Kids Who Listen to Hip-Hop." May 29, 2014. {H}

- The Hairpin: "An Open Letter to Summer Fashion Trends." May 22, 2014. {I} {H}

- Nola Vie: "Book People." April 28, 2014.  {CNF} {J}

- The Hairpin: "Babysitters Club for the Modern Woman." April 25, 2014. {I} {H}

- ROOKIE: "Love Birds." April 13, 2014. {C}

- The Hairpin: "Feminist Writers React to Viral YouTube Videos." April 8, 2014. {C} {H}

- The Hairpin: "Costumes." April 3, 2014. {CNF} {I}

- Nola Vie: "A Love Letter to a Little Bookstore." February 26, 2014. {CNF} {J}

- Punchnel's: "A Woman Walks Into A Life-Changing Simulated Sex Comedy Show..." January 2014. {CNF}

- The Rumpus: "Thoughts While Reading." January 10, 2014. {C}

- Teaching Artists' Journal: "Getting It Right." January 7, 2014. {CNF}

- McSweeney's Internet Tendency: "This Improv Workshop Could Be Great for your Business." 2013. {H}

- Ampersand Review: Poems. 2013. {O}

- The Nation: "Gardening for Change in the City." July 30, 2007.  {J}


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a small selection of things published in f newsmagazine:

"It's Unbelievably Problematic" {H}{I}

"The Public Editor: An Illustrated Timeline" {I}

"'Wonder Woman' And The Missed Opportunity" {R}

"Cultural Complexities of a Symbol Raise Questions About Racial Treatment on Campus" {J}

"'The Infinite Wrench' Is, Thankfully, Familiar" {R}

"Good Read: 'I'm Fine, But You Appear To Be Sinking'" {R}

"Is The Chicago Polar Plunge Good for Philanthropy?" {J}

"Can We Force the President to Watch 'Degrassi,' Please?" {R}

"Wonderful Things Happen: Keep The Holidays Coming." {CNF} {I}

"Standing Ground at Standing Rock." {J}

"Search No Longer for Your New Favorite Television Show." {R}

"Chicago Gun Violence and You." {J} {I}

"Quiz: What Made for TV Christmas Movie is About Your Life?" {H}

"The Cubs Won the World Series and We Don't Care." {H}

"Kubo and the Two Faces: The Complexity of a Beautiful Film With A Major Race Problem." {R}

"Why 'Portlandia' Had to Die." {R}

"Girls Who Growl." {J}

"For News on Baton Rouge, My Facebook Feed is Better than the National News." {J}

"You Were Right About the 'Ghostbusters' Remake." {R}

"Possible Commencement Speakers." {H}

"Two Moose Hanging Out." {C}

"I Hate 'Love.'" {R}

"A Complicated Presidency." {J}

"New Classes to Add to Your Schedule." {H}

"A Simple Kind of Love." {R}

"Field Guide to North American Hipsters." {H} {I}

"Star Wars is (Finally) for Girls." {R}

"Sad Girls, Sad Songs, Happy Winter." {R}

"Sarah Vowell, the Feminist Patriot of our Time." {J}

"Why Protest Renoir." {J}

"An Illustrated Guide to the Barbara Byrd-Bennett Scandal." {J} {C}

 "There Will Be No Heroes." {R}

"Raccoons." {C}

"Dumping the Collective Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." {R}

"Hermit Crabs Hanging Out." {C}

"How To Bird-Watch: Politically-Correct Edition." {H} {I}

"The Obsessively Beautiful Chris Ware." {J}

"The Perfect Tragedy of 'Amy.'" {R}


things published in neutrons protons, where I am the editor-in-chief:

"Presenting the Graphic Novelization of my David Foster Wallace Thesis Paper." {H}

"No Wrappers Were Nominated for Grammys This Year. Again." {H}

"Morning Messages for the Week Before Spring Break." {H}

"Babysitters' Club Voice Mail." {H}

"Arthur." {CNF}

"Cat and Laser." {C}