Photo by Alexis Johnson

Who is this person. What is her deal.

My name is Sophie Lucido Johnson. Right now I live in Chicago. Here are some things I like.

I like to write. I've been published in The GuardianVICEJezebelMcSweeney'sThe RumpusThe Hairpin, GuernicaHippocampus MagazineROOKIEPunchnel'sAmpersand ReviewThe Nation, Nola Vie, and other places. I'm the editor-in-chief of Neutrons Protons, a literary journal that's online and in print. 

Oh, and I have a book coming out next year from Regan Arts! It is called Many Love, and is a graphic memoir about polyamory.

I like to draw. I mainly work in watercolors, and I am best-known for portraits slash semi-obscure pop-culture references. You can see a big gallery of my work here. Also I make comics.

I like kids. I wrote and co-designed the arts-integrated social emotional curriculum With Feeling, in collaboration with KidsmART and the Institute for Mental Hygiene. I got to do that after teaching as a special educator in the New Orleans public school system for seven years. (My primary focus is on PTSD and depression.)

I like comedy. I do stand-up, and have toured nationally with Jamie Kilstein and Air Sex. My friend Molly and I make a comedy show for feminists called 77 Cents, and there's a coloring book.

Here are a few more things I like: the color yellow, pie, "Adventure Time," The Spice Girls, comics, the concept of boating, mantids, dinosaur facts.

I feel like I should tell you that I do commissions, and I'm not very expensive. So if you want that, you should e-mail me at You can e-mail me for other reasons, too. (You could e-mail me to send compliments, for example. I love compliments. Or you could e-mail me to tell me about your cat. Or you could e-mail me to talk about crayons.)