Who is this person. What is her deal.

Sophie Lucido Johnson writes & draws. She has a book coming out (in summer of 2018) from Touchstone Books called Many Love (and you can pre-order it now). She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she's lived in New Orleans and Chicago and Portland and in space.* She does commissions, she does comedy, and she loves pie.** Email her at sophielucidojohnson@gmail.com. Or just read her blog, because she is extremely forthcoming.


*Sophie hasn't really lived in space but sometimes she feels like she has, and don't you too?

**Like, she REALLY loves pie. Like, SO MUCH. Email Sophie about pie. You guys can just talk on and on and on about pie.

***By the way, Sophie is represented by Mackenzie Brady Watson at Stuart Krichevsky literary agency.